The most prime property in the Singapore real estate market

The 3 Cuscaden appearing in the real estate market has created a lot of buzz as many individuals try to strike the best deal to acquire the luxurious property. This prime property located in Singapore Orchard Road precinct will be open for sale to investors and individuals alike for residential purposes. All individuals are eligible to purchase this rare and freehold private property, whether they are residents of Singapore or foreign friends from overseas.

Cost of 3 Cuscaden

The cost of purchasing 3 Cuscaden condo is unbelievably affordable for a prime real estate in Orchard road, contrary to what you might be thinking. The price is practical and reasonable putting into consideration all the amazing features and amenities that surround it.
It is a prime property asset that will be worth your time and every dime you spend on it. If you are purchasing it for residential purposes, your family and friends will have a safe and secured home to recognize as one of their own. If you are looking for a real estate venture to invest in, these will eventually pay off as the rare freehold private property in District 10 will be appreciating its value every single day.

The entire development along Orchard Boulevard are worth more than a hundred million dollar. It may appear unlikely that many working-class individuals will not be able to afford this, but they have payment plans that are quite feasible to many people. Owning a condo unit here is much more economical as compared to renting an apartment in the same surrounding neighbourhood. There will be no more monthly bills to pay regarding the living accommodation and when you finally decide to look for a new home or property to invest in, you will be able to offload it in the market at a higher price than you purchase it.

Facilities and amenities

The facilities in the immediate vicinity are the most luxurious and prestigious in Singapore. 3 Cuscaden at cuscaden walk is located in Orchard Road, a major tourist destination and always buzzing with activities and shoppers. The largest shopping malls, boutiques stocking designer labels, luxurious hotels and hospitality establishments are located along this road.

The Orchard Road were strategically positioned at the central part of Singapore which makes it easily accessible by all means of transportation. The ION sky (above ION Shopping Mall) is a short walking distance from the brand-new residence as well as the MRT Station network which is well connected throughout the area.

3 Cuscaden by Sustained Land has an array of recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, relaxing gardens, swimming pools and spa that offer top notch and impeccable services. The facilities are spacious enough to ensure that you get the best out of your experience.

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