Benefits of Margaret Ville being strategically positioned

The immediate region surrounding Margaret Ville has changed drastically over the many years up till this date. There have been many new additions of development that has transformed it from being a humble village and into a thriving urban area. The Margaret Ville property development will certainly spark the attention of many individuals searching for new homes due to their close proximity with learning institutions, shopping malls, food courts, hospitality joints and good transportation network.

Surrounding Facilities

The famous Queensway Secondary School and the New Town Primary school are a few minutes away from the actual site which makes it an ideal residential area for families with children that are still in school. Prestigious facilities such as shopping malls, posh hotels and recreational facilities are a short distant from where the Margaret Ville is being developed. The shopping complexes are stocked with all the possible commodities that one needs which makes it a stop shop for the entire family.

Other adjacent developments that are similar to Margaret Ville

The commonwealth tower which is located along the commonwealth Avenue is a development similar to the Margaret Ville. The condo offers various facilities to its residents on site. The tower was the first to capture the attention of developers and investors similar to what is happening in the Margaret Ville’s situation. The commonwealth Tower will be ready and open for occupation soon. It is also located a short distance from facilities such as health centres, schools, recreational facilities and shopping hubs. These are the amenities that make the properties more appealing to people and especially those that have families.

Overall Price Guide

The cost price of the Margaret Ville has not yet been specified but it is speculated that they will be worth several hundred millions of dollars. The price has been estimated with regards to the features of the condos, the services provided by the management, the locale and the price of similar adjacent properties like the commonwealth tower and the peak. These one to four bedroom condos may sound like they cost a fortune but the price is actually quite practical and reasonable when all things are considered and put into strategic long term plan. Purchasing one of them is a worthy investment because they will eventually pay off with a large margin when you are putting it onto the secondary market for resale.

Proposed future developments

It is expected that a nursing home will soon be constructed in Queenstown. This proposed development will be very beneficial to the residents of Margaret Ville as the elderly and the rest of their families will be living in the same region should they decided to have each other in near vicinity where they would be able to care for your kids when you’re at work.

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