The Opus of CDL and Hong Realty

The Opus of CDL and Hong Realty

When you’re out hunting for a suitable condo for your loved ones, you’ll have to really consider the general environment of the targeted condo. Because family protection will top the rundown against anything else that you ought to be searching for. You will also have to consider the proximity to all the immediate communal facilities for your family as well.

Former Amber Park was sold to City Developments Limited and they did a great job while developing The Opus as they were thinking about the overall liveability for residents. It is a freehold tenure condo and located in the epicentre of Katong area, one of the most highly-sought after locale worth taking into consideration since you’re hunting for a perfect home sweet home.

If you’ve yet to be convinced by the excellent locale, you will have to drive down and experience the lifestyle here yourself. The Opus will be replacing the former Amber Park ever since it was sold via collective sale to CDL and Hong Realty.

The rare and attractive plot of land that The Opus at amber road will be in very close-proximity to Tanjong Katong MRT, benefiting all the residents with quick access back home if you’re not driving. Apart from that, if you are working in the central business districts such as Marina Bay Financial Centre, you will be able to reach your workplace in 10 minutes due to the great location.

Right before you make any hasty decision in selecting a home for your loved ones, you will need to ensure the convenience of having any shopping malls in the neighbourhood. It will eventually save you and your family a lot of precious time by not traveling far to purchase something as simple as a bag of toilet rolls. Right? Fortunately, the opus condo will be in the vicinity of I12 Shopping Mall, Parkway Parade as well as several other commercial malls.

One such commercial malls will be the nearest Katong Shopping Mall along Mountbatten road. It is one of the oldest commercial building within the entire katong area. You will be able to find some simple and budget eating houses, tailors, maid agencies and other niche retail services including a family KTV establishment for your weekend singing competition with your family members.

Biggest Advantage Residing in The Opus

If you are not familiar with this area, it is one of the most coveted address due to the close proximity to east coast park where the beach is. You will be able to escape from the daily harsh reality and retreat back to the sandy beaches with your partners right at your doorstep every evening.

You will have the perfect outing with your family here as and when you want with your friends or relatives. There will be hordes of families here with smiling faces on them every single day and it is often touted to be the beach of smiles here.

Besides the famous local eateries and BBQ options available here, there will also be water sports for the adventurous to engage in. If you’re keen to find out more about the opus price guide before making any decision, we’re more than pleased to update you on this down the road.

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