Real Estate Education

Real estate has always had a good market, and the demand for a real estate agent or a broker keeps increasing. If you are looking for a career opportunity in the real estate market, then you need to be familiar with things like markets, finances, zoning, tax laws, insurance, mortgages, and banking. If you happen to be good in analytical thinking and have good communication and collaboration skills, then you can consider taking up courses to become a real estate agent.

Colleges for Real Estate

The following are some of the colleges that provide real estate courses:

  • University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • University of California – Berkeley.
  • Arizona State University –Tempe.
  • The University of Connecticut.

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia:

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is a world-renowned research institute which provides innovative education and has its place in the Ivy League institutions. It is ranked 8th among the best universities in the year 2016 by U.S News and world report. The university also provides some of the best business courses in the whole nation. The core coursework in the college helps students become good in analytical and communication skills.

University of Wisconsin – Madison:

The University of Wisconsin is a public institution that was established in the year 1848, and it is one of the leading university in education, research, and public service. The real estate programs that are offered have a high recognition and regard from many real estate agents. Some of the degrees that are offered are BBA, MBA, and executive MBA in real estate. They also provide MS, MAcc, and Ph.D. degrees. The students are expected to complete an experimental project in real estate and have courses like real estate law, process finance, valuation, urban and regional economics, and residential property development.

University of California – Berkeley:

The University of California, founded in the year 1868, is part of the California school system. The students who enroll in the college have the option to either get a certification, an undergraduate program or an MBA or a PH.D. The University has partnerships with many local real estate industries which provides many good opportunities to learn.

Arizona State University –Tempe:

The Arizona State University offers a Master degree in real estate development, and the programs that are offered are cross-disciplinary. The University also provides minor real estate courses for the undergraduates. It is the most innovative schools in America and one of the largest public universities by enrolment in the U.S.

University of Connecticut:

The University of Connecticut is one of the top-ranked universities in England; established in the year 1941, the university offers academic programs which are leading in business, and the students get many opportunities to research. They have a brilliant set of faculty who are scholars and have terminal degrees. The coursework includes finance, GIS applications, use of internet in real estate markets, economics in business decisions, insurance, risk management and real estate investments. The courses that are provided incorporate both practical and theoretical studies.

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