The Artra Condo by FEC Skyline

Singapore Artra condo by FEC Skyline, a piece of vacant land with a planned future swanky and modern condominium development went on public tender sale recently by Urban Redevelopment Authority. It is on a 99 year leasehold with total site area of about 445,000 square foot in size, sold at the staggering price of over $840 per square foot including everything. Based on market observers, it is due to the attractiveness of the site locale that garnered so many bidding interests over this land parcel.

According to the specifications, Artra condo by FEC Skyline will be a mixed project featuring a commercial podium on the ground floor. Including a childcare centre, novelty retail shops, restaurants, cafes and a huge supermarket for the residents. It is also sitting next to the great redhill mrt station and it is so good to the extent of being just 5% difference on the bidding margin between the top few bidders on this land. It certainly is a champion site by default.

FEC Skyline is Far East Consortium International and is a subsidiary from Tang Group of Companies. Better known for their reputation in the hospitality segment and you know you won’t be disappointed by their premium quality of work even if it is in a residential segment.

The artra development will be featuring a lot of the smart living systems for the residents as well as having a full condominium facility within the property. It includes a long swimming pool overlooking the main road and station, a rare green tennis court for you to smack away your blues, an indoor airconditioned gym so that you won’t sweat that much and sky gardens for your quiet moment when you needed it after a tiring day from work.

Apart from having more than 20,000 square foot of commercial space at your own backyard, you can also travel to the city centre in a quick fashion either by driving or by taking the major public transport right at your doorstep. You are only a few stations away to Orchard Road, the major shopping destination recognised by the tourists worldwide.

It has already been put on sale by the developer, offering a wide layout config for home buyers. Allowing you to have a choice of being a retail investor or being a proud home owner within Artra condo. If you’ve not seen the development showflat, we strongly encourage you to have a trip arranged as soon as possible. Do not miss this golden opportunity if you’re looking to purchase something during this Chinese New Year period.

amber 45

Amber 45 Condo by UOL Group

Amber 45 at amber road, were once a plot of land occupied by Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd, a homegrown landscaping and floral business including horticulture running for more than 30 years in the local market. They will soon be making way for a brand new modern and luxury residential development.

This freehold site was owned by the developer Sin Lian Huat and it was sold to UOL Group Limited via a private treaty agreement sale back in January 2017. For the purchase price of $156 million exactly a year ago.

If you do not know where the location of this new condo is, it is located right in between The Sea View condo as well as The Shore Residences (Opposite Katong Shopping Centre). A relatively small plot of land with about seventy thousand square foot in size.

Amber 45 condo, with an existing plot ratio of 2.1 (URA MASTER PLAN 2014) will be redeveloped into a single block of ultra-modern and luxurious looking structure. Designed by award-winning ADDP architects, a top architecture firm in Singapore. It will be housing around 140 private homes in a 21-storey high building including facilities such as swimming pool, gym and a tennis court!

On top of that, developer will be incorporating a smart living environment for all the residents by integrating the latest advanced technology devices into the luxury development.

However, you will be disappointed if you’re looking to purchase a smaller one-bedroom layout in this condo for investment as there won’t be any one-bedded at all. It will launch from two-bedroom units instead as a single bedroom is no longer “in trend” in our local property market due to the perceived matchbox or mickey mouse homes that they have to live with regardless of comfort level.

The location in amber road itself is already a winner by default, a highly favoured prime district 15 in our katong vicinity. A private residential enclave within Marine Parade’s planning area. It used to be sited right beside the seaside of east coast but due to the lack of land in the 1960s, reclamation works have been done from the current east coast park to make up for the shortage.

Katong was also the preferred locale of numerous huge villas and big mansions of the extremely wealthy elites in the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. Along the beachfront of Katong Park and all the way to the extreme end of the East Coast line.

So, if you have been yearning to be a big part of this rich culture and to reside in this community, this could be your perfect opportunity as Amber 45 at amber road is already undergoing the construction phase and will be ready for move-in condition sooner than the other developments situated in the same neighbourhood.

Last but not least, UOL Group has been known to build quality homes at an affordable price tag as seen in their previous projects and they are almost all fully sold by now at the time of publishing.

Buying a Proper Land

Tips for Buying Proper Land

Buying a piece of land can be very hard, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There might be several reasons why you are buying an empty plot; you might want to build a brand new house in the plot or want to start a long-term investment or even plan to start your own business in the plot. Whatever be your intentions, you need to do a lot of research and know a lot before you invest in a property.

Buying a Proper Land

The following are some of the tips you can use to buy a piece of land:

  • Choose your location wisely.
  • Check for easy transport facilities.
  • Water, sewer and drainage facilities.
  • Get a survey which defines the property.
  • Hire a real estate agent.

Choose your location wisely:

Location of the land is one of the most important things to check before you buy any piece of land. Depending on what purpose you are buying the property you need to select the location, if you want to run a business then make sure that the location is not far from your potential customers. If you are buying a property as an investment, then make sure that the property has a high resale value otherwise, it is a loss for you. If you are thinking of building a home, then buy a land that has a good neighborhood which has easy access to grocery shops and other resources that you may need.

Check for easy transport facilities:

Make sure that you get a property that has vehicular access to a public road. Especially, if you are buying a land in the countryside, then you need to have a road to your piece of land. If the location does not have proper road facilities, try to get a proper easement and the rights of way.

Water, sewer and drainage facilities:

Water supply is essential for any piece of land you purchase. The water, sewer, and drainage are some of the critical concerns that you need to look. Make sure that you have the right to use any water body that runs near your location. There might be laws which require you to keep your livestock t at a certain distance from the water body.

Get a survey which defines the property:

Sometimes the survey which is done on the land can be outdated. So, it is always advisable to get a new survey and make sure that your property line is defined. These are important when you have to delve into legal matters like easements. The survey can also help you to have a rough idea of the dimensions of the house if you are planning to build on the vacant land.

Hire a real estate agent:

Real estate agents are professionals who are trained to help you out with various processes in buying a property. They can guide you on what property to buy and deal with the sellers and get you a great deal.

Colleges for Real Estate

Real Estate Education

Real estate has always had a good market, and the demand for a real estate agent or a broker keeps increasing. If you are looking for a career opportunity in the real estate market, then you need to be familiar with things like markets, finances, zoning, tax laws, insurance, mortgages, and banking. If you happen to be good in analytical thinking and have good communication and collaboration skills, then you can consider taking up courses to become a real estate agent.

Colleges for Real Estate

The following are some of the colleges that provide real estate courses:

  • University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • University of California – Berkeley.
  • Arizona State University –Tempe.
  • The University of Connecticut.

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia:

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is a world-renowned research institute which provides innovative education and has its place in the Ivy League institutions. It is ranked 8th among the best universities in the year 2016 by U.S News and world report. The university also provides some of the best business courses in the whole nation. The core coursework in the college helps students become good in analytical and communication skills.

University of Wisconsin – Madison:

The University of Wisconsin is a public institution that was established in the year 1848, and it is one of the leading university in education, research, and public service. The real estate programs that are offered have a high recognition and regard from many real estate agents. Some of the degrees that are offered are BBA, MBA, and executive MBA in real estate. They also provide MS, MAcc, and Ph.D. degrees. The students are expected to complete an experimental project in real estate and have courses like real estate law, process finance, valuation, urban and regional economics, and residential property development.

University of California – Berkeley:

The University of California, founded in the year 1868, is part of the California school system. The students who enroll in the college have the option to either get a certification, an undergraduate program or an MBA or a PH.D. The University has partnerships with many local real estate industries which provides many good opportunities to learn.

Arizona State University –Tempe:

The Arizona State University offers a Master degree in real estate development, and the programs that are offered are cross-disciplinary. The University also provides minor real estate courses for the undergraduates. It is the most innovative schools in America and one of the largest public universities by enrolment in the U.S.

University of Connecticut:

The University of Connecticut is one of the top-ranked universities in England; established in the year 1941, the university offers academic programs which are leading in business, and the students get many opportunities to research. They have a brilliant set of faculty who are scholars and have terminal degrees. The coursework includes finance, GIS applications, use of internet in real estate markets, economics in business decisions, insurance, risk management and real estate investments. The courses that are provided incorporate both practical and theoretical studies.