luxury waterfront living

Experience a Luxurious Waterfront Living in the City State

Sunlight peeking through the curtains and waking you up every day. The chirping of birds sitting on your window while you enjoy your coffee. Watching the sun goes down into the ocean as you sit quietly on your balcony, listening to your favorite soft music. You may think it is impossible to buy a house where you can experience all of these. No! With the new waterfront development such as The Reef at King’s Dock in Harbourfront, these are all possible and would make your stay a living dream.

Imagine yourself looking out of your bedroom window to the calmness of the ocean that appears right in front of you, every moment is just so peaceful. While most home seekers think that this is possible only when you are ultra-wealthy in Singapore, you can really purchase your dream home at an affordable quantum now. Yes, in this Harbourfront location and spend the rest of your life happily with your family.

Waterfront Properties

Singapore does not have a plethora of options when it comes to waterfront properties. New condo prices in the city-state would usually start from S$699,000 and go up to multi-millions of dollars a pop depending on the location and size of the properties. From The Reef condo, you can have a view of Keppel Bay, Sentosa Island, Cable Cars and the huge cruises from your home. This stretch of Keppel Channel is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and properties overlooking this area would certainly cost more as a premium over others.

Many of the properties near this location were designed by award-winning architects. They have commanding views of golf courses, lush green meadows, and most importantly, the calm waterfront. There are luxurious amenities waiting for you as well, such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, lap pool, BBQ pavilion, indoor gymnasium, children’s play area, clubhouse, and children’s swimming pool.

About Waterfront Living

There are some massive waterfront residential developments at Harbourfront neighborhood, traversing over 84,000 square meters and covering more than 750 m of shoreline. This means many apartments would have a panoramic view of Sentosa and Mount Faber. It is also within walking distance to VivoCity and HarbourFront Centre, two of the most popular shopping malls in Singapore. You can also reach the Telok Blangah MRT station within a few minutes too.

What is in the hood?

It is a dream for many to own an apartment in this locale. From nature reserves to breezy boardwalks, this neighborhood has everything you need to make your living the most comfortable and peaceful. You can see schools of fish darting around in the water during high tide right from your balcony. If you are one of those who loves to go on lazy walks with your partner, there is the 330-meter coastal boardwalk offering incredible views from Bukit Chermin and also the cliffs of the Sentosa Island.

Close by is the Labrador Nature Reserve, where you can take your kids on Sundays to watch more than 30 species of butterflies and over 70 species of birds. It is a beautiful place where you can teach your kids about the value of the natural world.

With so many wonderful facilities, it is easy to see why waterfront living in Singapore is so popular. Contact the marketing representatives of Mapletree and Keppel Land today, see for yourself and decide if you should move to your dream home soon.

Steps before you choose a new condo – The proper planning ahead

Steps before you choose a new condo – The proper planning ahead

First of all, if you are ready to make a big purchase, a brand-new home to be exact, congrats! Your life is in order and it is working well for you because you’re about to become a proud homeowner. Naturally, when it comes to purchasing a new home, there will be a mountain of issues that buyers would need to consider thoroughly beforehand.

The stakes are even higher if the real estate involved is a private property. For instance, if you are purchasing a luxurious condo, that will be a huge step above any regular apartment or executive condominium. If you’re desperately needing help in getting some issues solved before you placed an interest on the condo of your dreams, keep reading to find out more!

Do your research promptly please

Before you decide on which property is right for you with some new projects on the market right now, you need to consider the size of your family, your daily needs and preferences for your new abode. Since this is likely to be your permanent home from here on, you need to ensure that all the boxes of criteria were ticked, and it is the right fit for you and your family at the end of the day.

For the non-savvy beginners, you should weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. In condo style living, you are in much closer proximity to your neighbours, where you would meet each other very often day in day out. Therefore, your comfort level with such living arrangement should be at its finest.

In addition, other issues such as municipal services and maintenance are usually handled by professionals hired by the managing agent, so you may not have the freedom to grow your own plants on the corridor as you wish. These are not necessarily drawbacks but important to factor these in, so you can have a fair idea of what to expect going forward.

Hiring a professional consultant

When you are dealing with real estate matters, it is highly recommended that you consult a professional, a trained property agent appointed by the developers, to help you out with some of the more complex financial calculations, viewing appointments and paperwork etc.

Appointed property agents may not be able to assist you in getting a really cheap unit because the prices were fixed by the developers. But with an agent on hand, they can assist you in choosing the best home according to your requirements and financial standing within the development. It will eventually save you and everyone a lot of time with proper planning and execution.

There are of course many different project websites for you to visit, such as The M Condo, the new kid on the block. It is an upcoming mixed development in a Prime Bugis district that will be up for grab soon. You can access all these details via their site and through online registrations.

Plan Your Finances

Money is the key factor when it comes to making an investment as big as buying a condo. Therefore, plan your finances well with the specialist bankers in advance to avoid any serious trouble later. Prepare the down payment and secure a mortgage plan that suits your lifestyle. I’m sure the bankers will be there for you at the showroom if you do not have anyone to talk to pertaining to your current finances.

With these few factors in mind, you are on the way to the private sanctuary that you have always dreamed of, and that too with the least amount of hassle. Best of luck, homeowners!


Lavish Riviere Condos for the Singapore Connoisseurs

Frasers property real estate developers have taken over the former glorious Zouk Club site and on it, they are developing one of the most prestigious riverside condos of Singapore, the Riviere. Developers of this huge project at Jiak Kim Street has planned for developing a grand mixed-use development that will offer its residents the most spacious and luxurious living experience, right beside the River of Singapore. The waterfront view along with the spacious apartments will make life full of glittery excitement as there are all the amenities and facilities nearby that makes an ultra-modern lifestyle perfect, be it the myriad of international eateries or the shopping mall entertainment.

Architectural design tells it all

Whether it’s the exterior façade design of the posh condos or the interior designs, extreme care has been taken to ensure that it matches the requirement as well as the unique taste and niche preference of the connoisseurs who will be residing here. There are beautifully conceptualized landscaped gardens, internal walk paths, playground for children, state-of-the-art gymnasium, jogger’s pathway and swimming pool. Families of different sizes and budgets can seriously consider buying a unit here as there will be choices available between 1 to 4-bedroom layout.

While you look at the floor plan and site plan of each condo carefully, you will understand how much importance has been given to the extent so that every inch of the floor area is fully utilized and optimized. The marble flooring used in your home is of premium good quality that are made with beautiful vein types. Common areas will have well-fitted ramps and elevators so that the senior members of some families will find it easier to navigate while they are venturing outdoors.

The strategic location of the children’s playground is such that while your kid is playing there, they are totally safe from any harm. Whether it’s the interior or the exterior, developers have taken strong keen interest in making them the best quality ones out there.

Plenty of space and comfort

Another advantage that Riviere condo provides to each of its residents is the spaciousness and fresh quality airflow. Whether you live in a 1 or 2 room condo unit or in the bigger ones, you will get great views of the unblocked river. This is a prime waterfront project that provides those apartments facing the River of Singapore a view they can’t forget. It will give you the best view and fresh air every time of the day. As the apartments will be spacious even when if you have a lot of furniture, you will not find it difficult to accommodate them within your home.

Lifestyle at the Riviere condo will be comfortable for another reason and that is the commuting convenience. It is in between a complex network of main arterial roads. The Great world City MRT station is at a distance of only 500m as well as the Havelock station and there are different routes nearby that will connect residents to the other parts of the city easily.

The Iveria_Logo

Among the most wanted residential property: The Iveria SG

The Iveria condo by Macly Group is an ultra-posh property that many individuals searching for prime and luxurious homes will be attracted to, seasoned investors as well as the nearby tenants in river valley will be vying to acquire. There is a huge demand over supply of home seekers looking for attractively priced residential property in this prime district 9 area as it is within the city. The development of these luxurious condos located on Kim Yam Road will be an ideal way to replace the former Riviera Point. The Iveria will be home to 51 apartment units upon full completion over the next few years moving forward.

Night Scene around The Iveria

The night scene in Mohd Sultan, Robertson Quay and Clarke Quay is certainly top notch and home to multiple international clubs, wine & dine entertainment outlets. It has been the no.1 favourite hangout destination to be seen at for many years with tremendous success. A Metropolitan city that never sleeps, allowing you and friends to wine and dine around the clock in style. All these and so much more within the same vicinity as The Iveria condo, it would certainly be a prized real estate for many due to the freehold development status.

Amenities in proximity

There are numerous facilities within close proximity of the iveria as well, such as the rows and rows of shophouses in the opposite direction, along Killiney road and River valley road.

Residents will also be within short walking distance to the future Great World MRT Station and the current Somerset MRT Station that will allow you to explore the rest of the city state.

Speaking of which, Somerset is also where the world-renowned Orchard Shopping Paradise is, which is situated near to your residence. You will be able to reap the full benefits of residing in this district that is home to plenty of celebrities and public figures.

On top of leisure, the hub of doing business is also within few minutes of drive where Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar office complex is. Home to Singapore’s best Central Business District as well as Marina Bay Financial District (MBFC) downtown core.

If you’re fitness enthusiasts, you will be able to jog leisurely to the nearby Fort Canning Park for some down to earth exercises with your friends or family.

All these amenities are within close range to The Iveria and a vast majority of them can be accessed by foot or some personal mobility devices (PMDs). The well-developed road and rail network in river valley region facilitate the ease of public transportation from one place to the other too!

haus on handy dhoby ghaut

Exploring the upcoming orchard Haus on Handy luxury condo

Guess what? You’d probably know by now that the demand for private real estate is increasing day by day in Singapore due to the lack of privacy and other factors. It is a never-ending chase of that private label status as well. As a matter of fact, home builder these days focus more on constructing condominium projects that covers less luxurious space in exchange for more smaller apartment units. Ordinary citizens who is buying a private home for the first time should keep certain things in mind before making any deadly investment mistakes. Some of these include but not limited to; location, amenities, appraisal, connectivity and cost of home ownership.

About Haus on Handy

Today, we will be covering Haus on Handy, a vacant land parcel along handy road that was snapped up by our homegrown builder City Developments Ltd (CDL). Ever since they acquire the land in January 2018 and at the price of $212 million (higher than expected), it only goes to show their determination and confidence on this venue.

Most of the private home buyers in Singapore places more importance to a location and this is exactly what this site offers with modern amenities. HOH will be an upcoming condo project of CDL that aims to offer extremely high-quality housing with excellent amenities. It has a proximity to leading educational institutions, medical centers, five-star hotels, shopping malls and a major railway station enabling residents to access them with ease. This subject site is one of the highly sought-after land in core central region because it is well-connected by expressways, railway network and facilities. Apart from that, this new project will provide you with opportunities in exploring luxurious and livable space within the unit that is a standard practice from CDL.

Ensuring world-class accommodation

Everyone wants to have a home they can call their own for living a cozy and comfy life. Haus on Handy condo will be a suitable development for those searching for a brand-new dwelling in the orchard road precinct. The proposed project will come with some unique features such as accommodating a conserved building on the site while turning it into a clubhouse for the residents. It will also host one to three-bedroom units allowing families and children to live in an adequate environment. In fact, it has a total area of 51,626 square feet that will see 3 residential towers with 188 homes. Since purchasing an apartment equals to a long-term investment, it is always advisable to select the best one out there for your return-on-investment.

Find out more

We’re pretty sure that you should know more about the amenities and facilities provided by the developer for meeting essential needs. HOH development will host a variety of facilities such as swimming pool, indoor gym, children’s playground, grilling pits and so on. It is also possible to obtain the details including floor plans online before investing your hard-earned money. Those who want to have a better idea about the booking process can contact the developer through email without any difficulties. Alternatively, you may also go through their appointed representatives with no obligation.

mayfair collection

Why must you purchase a unit in the Mayfair Collection

Ask yourself this, when a residential project is being situated in a beautiful environment and is full of amazing amenities, the condo in question will be in a highly sought-after situation naturally. So is the case with the Mayfair Collection?! It is not only a collection of stunning apartments being build in place of the former Mayfair Gardens on Rifle Range Road but the grand locality itself is also full of other exciting surprises such as hosting a large greenery surroundings and by integrating smart and sophisticated modern amenities as well.

More about the Mayfair Collection

When Oxley’s subsidiary company entered the open tender for Mayfair Gardens and at the price of SGD $311 million last year, they have already planned far ahead with their best architects on the possible condo development in its place. The new housing project will combine very high level of comfort with superior amenities that define luxurious living in the Upper Bukit Timah precinct.

The proposed Mayfair Collection will be tastefully designed on all types of efficient bedroom configurations. The layout of the condo blocks was planned painstakingly by the award-winning architectural team so that there will be ample space and plenty of comfort in between for the residents. The aesthetics of the whole development will also match the beautiful green surroundings in which the housing project is positioned perfectly.

Amenities around your home

Having major supermarkets like the Giant Hypermarket, Cold Storage and NTUC FairPrice in close proximity is also a great advantage for the home owners of Mayfair Collection. The area served not only the rich but ordinary citizens as well, residents will be able to access the nearby farmer’s market at Pasarbella (The Grandstand) which markets many fresh produce and other stuffs. By consuming organically here with ease, it will be seen as a great fit for those who are constantly health conscious.

Public Transportation

For the non-driving residents, King Albert Park MRT station is just across the street from your Mayfair Collection home and major routes such as Dunearn Road, Bukit Timah Road, Clementi Road are also well-connected with the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) for to and fro work daily. On top of that, the bus stop with many different bus services is just right at your doorstep for the ultimate convenience as well.


With such conveniences and amenities around the development, we couldn’t reject the beauty of it and strongly recommend this project to our readers here. Especially families with school-going kids, this neighbourhood will be your kid’s door to heaven.

stirling residences

Stirling Residences – The New Icon in Queenstown

Every single year without fail, smart and savvy real estate investors looked for development projects that will become a pearl in their own crown! If you are an ambitious property investor looking for a home in Singapore, Stirling Residences will surely impress you with their beautiful showflat in Queenstown.

In the year 2017, something big hit the local property news headline in Singapore. A winning bid that changed history at Stirling Road Queenstown. Yes, you read it right. One of Singapore’s most expensive residential projects was initiated and today it is prepared for the eagerly waiting investors.

The bid for the huge land site was won by Logan Property and Nanshan Group (a 50-50 joint venture). The winning bid was priced at slightly more than 1 billion Singapore dollars. Till date, this is the highest price bid made for a 100% residential development project. So, are you prepared to learn more about this stunning property class? If yes, keep reading.

About Stirling Residences

As mentioned previously, this is a residential development project. It features 1250+ condo units. The entire plot spans across 21,000 square meters. Investors and home hunters can choose from five different types of layout config. Known as 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom apartments. Each unit is designed with luxury style and space in mind for the new residents. Indeed, this is one of the most luxurious residential development projects in Queenstown by far. Whether you are space hungry or location focused, you have it all here.

An Iconic Location

What makes Stirling Residences special will be its location. When it comes to property purchases in Singapore, Queenstown tops the list among all when public housing flats was sold at more than a million-dollar in the neighbourhood recently. As suggested by its name, Queenstown is considered as the queen for real estate ventures in the city.

You have several stunning residential projects to choose from and this new project is not an exception. This condo development gives the town a new edge. It will be an iconic establishment in the surrounding region by featuring a modern design, trendy architectural cuts and a state of the art apartments. The project was carefully designed to impress both the young and the old and it will blend seamlessly with the Singapore City Skyline. This gives you a clear picture of how majestic and magnificent this development is. Undeniably, the developers of this project have gone beyond traditional boundaries.

Why Stirling Residences

Everyone dreams of returning to a home that is pleasant and comforting. Home seekers looked for properties where they can rediscover themselves. This is what ‘Stirling Residences’ promises. As you step inside these premium condominiums, you will experience a new way of life. Each apartment is overwhelmed with extra space and numerous communal facilities.

Couples and extended families looking for quality moments will be delighted here. This project comes with swimming pools, green pockets, gyms and plenty of landscaping options. Above all, you will have a beautiful view of the Southern Waterfront City and the City Skyline. These are features you must not miss in this project.

In and around Stirling Residences

The talk about these blockbusters new launch in 2018 will be incomplete without the nearby amenities. The project is neatly nestled inside Queenstown and it is within proximity to everything a family requires (shopping, transportation, healthcare and local gourmet options). All at an affordable price tag now!

3 cuscaden

The most prime property in the Singapore real estate market

The 3 Cuscaden appearing in the real estate market has created a lot of buzz as many individuals try to strike the best deal to acquire the luxurious property. This prime property located in Singapore Orchard Road precinct will be open for sale to investors and individuals alike for residential purposes. All individuals are eligible to purchase this rare and freehold private property, whether they are residents of Singapore or foreign friends from overseas.

Cost of 3 Cuscaden

The cost of purchasing 3 Cuscaden condo is unbelievably affordable for a prime real estate in Orchard road, contrary to what you might be thinking. The price is practical and reasonable putting into consideration all the amazing features and amenities that surround it.
It is a prime property asset that will be worth your time and every dime you spend on it. If you are purchasing it for residential purposes, your family and friends will have a safe and secured home to recognize as one of their own. If you are looking for a real estate venture to invest in, these will eventually pay off as the rare freehold private property in District 10 will be appreciating its value every single day.

The entire development along Orchard Boulevard are worth more than a hundred million dollar. It may appear unlikely that many working-class individuals will not be able to afford this, but they have payment plans that are quite feasible to many people. Owning a condo unit here is much more economical as compared to renting an apartment in the same surrounding neighbourhood. There will be no more monthly bills to pay regarding the living accommodation and when you finally decide to look for a new home or property to invest in, you will be able to offload it in the market at a higher price than you purchase it.

Facilities and amenities

The facilities in the immediate vicinity are the most luxurious and prestigious in Singapore. 3 Cuscaden at cuscaden walk is located in Orchard Road, a major tourist destination and always buzzing with activities and shoppers. The largest shopping malls, boutiques stocking designer labels, luxurious hotels and hospitality establishments are located along this road.

The Orchard Road were strategically positioned at the central part of Singapore which makes it easily accessible by all means of transportation. The ION sky (above ION Shopping Mall) is a short walking distance from the brand-new residence as well as the MRT Station network which is well connected throughout the area.

3 Cuscaden by Sustained Land has an array of recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, relaxing gardens, swimming pools and spa that offer top notch and impeccable services. The facilities are spacious enough to ensure that you get the best out of your experience.

margaret ville interior

Benefits of Margaret Ville being strategically positioned

The immediate region surrounding Margaret Ville has changed drastically over the many years up till this date. There have been many new additions of development that has transformed it from being a humble village and into a thriving urban area. The Margaret Ville property development will certainly spark the attention of many individuals searching for new homes due to their close proximity with learning institutions, shopping malls, food courts, hospitality joints and good transportation network.

Surrounding Facilities

The famous Queensway Secondary School and the New Town Primary school are a few minutes away from the actual site which makes it an ideal residential area for families with children that are still in school. Prestigious facilities such as shopping malls, posh hotels and recreational facilities are a short distant from where the Margaret Ville is being developed. The shopping complexes are stocked with all the possible commodities that one needs which makes it a stop shop for the entire family.

Other adjacent developments that are similar to Margaret Ville

The commonwealth tower which is located along the commonwealth Avenue is a development similar to the Margaret Ville. The condo offers various facilities to its residents on site. The tower was the first to capture the attention of developers and investors similar to what is happening in the Margaret Ville’s situation. The commonwealth Tower will be ready and open for occupation soon. It is also located a short distance from facilities such as health centres, schools, recreational facilities and shopping hubs. These are the amenities that make the properties more appealing to people and especially those that have families.

Overall Price Guide

The cost price of the Margaret Ville has not yet been specified but it is speculated that they will be worth several hundred millions of dollars. The price has been estimated with regards to the features of the condos, the services provided by the management, the locale and the price of similar adjacent properties like the commonwealth tower and the peak. These one to four bedroom condos may sound like they cost a fortune but the price is actually quite practical and reasonable when all things are considered and put into strategic long term plan. Purchasing one of them is a worthy investment because they will eventually pay off with a large margin when you are putting it onto the secondary market for resale.

Proposed future developments

It is expected that a nursing home will soon be constructed in Queenstown. This proposed development will be very beneficial to the residents of Margaret Ville as the elderly and the rest of their families will be living in the same region should they decided to have each other in near vicinity where they would be able to care for your kids when you’re at work.

8 saint thomas condo

A Resurgence of New Prime Condo Development Investors Targeting 8 Saint Thomas

Since Singapore’s new development condo real estate property market has improved dramatically, there’s a huge resurgence of investors making their way back into the condo real estate market. Especially along Prime River Valley Road where 8 Saint Thomas is. Why is this so? There was a huge boost in investment property prospects ranks throughout Singapore. Ultimately, the reason why there was a huge boost is simply because the market is doing better and bottoming out, but even with the market doing better, those ranking was still at the bottom in 2017. Those investment prospect rankings that were so low, are now elevated to the third place in the Singapore condo property market. This has brought back many foreign investors targeting top luxury condos like 8 Saint Thomas at 8 Saint Thomas Walk.

The emerging trends for resurgence

Well, the trends show throughout Singapore in the new development condo market that the sentiment in the rather large resurgence of 2018, is due to the fact that major developers are ready to take on the stabilizing real estate market and this is why they are coming back to the real estate condo property market, so they can invest now before it’s too late. However, some may think that this resurgence is premature, although the market is on the upturn, they’re not certain if it’s too soon to be making any kind of significantly large purchases for investment property, despite the investment prospect rankings for 2018.

The new development – PRIME residential condo sector

The new development condo real estate sector is on the upturn, but its showing imminent signs of a boosted recovery with rising investment transactions for condo property for the first time in the past 4 years. This is also why there has been such a price hike in the new condo development market. Especially those high-end luxury projects in and around Orchard Road and River Valley. Amid the rise in investment transactions, the sales of investment sites to ambitious developers has somewhat put a limit on the supply of investment property and developers want these land sites so they can bring more real estate investments to the market and ultimately gain through these investments.

What about the market rebound?

The rebound for the new condo development housing market is a sustainable market and seems likely that it’ll remain that way for the immediate future, but with forecasts in the condo property market shows it’s likely it will remain sustainable further than what is predicted, which is sustainability up to 2030. Many developers have been actively buying prime district sites around Singapore (River Valley Road in particular) and elevating the property site auctions because these land bank sites are in demand locally. These elevated auction prices of land for newly developed condo real estate significantly rose since the beginning of 2017.

The new developed condo private residential market rebound could be due to the partial cooling measures of the government. Since this may be the case, the cooling measure have eased the seller’s stamp duty during the end of February. It may have done less to help new condo developer investment funds, but there is a slight advantage to the eased of seller’s stamp duty, because the extra funds applicable to the seller may ultimately show a larger boost on return in the investment properties. This is why there is a large resurgence of property development investors in the 2018 new condo property market moving forward.

park colonial

Buying Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh

Are you looking to purchase your first home? Well, there are many great options available when it comes to buying a home. Developments such as PARK COLONIAL at Woodleigh Lane are largely gaining more popularity when it comes to home purchases. A condo in Singapore is not only a dwelling for residential use, but condominiums are advantageous for people looking to buy homes when they have great amenities inside as well as outside surrounding the property. Condos are generally large complexes with divided and sold individual units. Although, condo buildings are seen as buildings, they can take the form of many different property structures.

Knowing what makes a condo a condo

A condominium, often referred to as a condo, some parts are owned privately by you, which is your residence and the other parts of the building such as the common areas are owned by all of the residents, collectively that live in the building. However, many people may see owning a condo as just owning an apartment, but there are several advantages to owning a condo vs. the traditional residential single-family home. Condo developments offer you more unique amenities that a traditional single-family home most likely won’t.

Condos are popular in areas with higher property values

Condominiums are very desirable in places with substantially higher property values. They are most soft-after in urbanized residential areas, as well as suburban areas because they provide a more affordable solution for people who are looking to buy a home but want to live in a great neighbourhood. Why is this so? A single family detached home is generally more expensive in all aspects, in many areas, especially where any additional residential building spaces are widely inadequate to the area. Therefore, for people to live in the area under affordable means, condos present the best choice for living among expensive real-estate.

Searching for the right condo

Since there are many options, searching for the right condo is an essential process for you and your family. A condominium purchase should be a comfortable experience for you when purchasing the condo. You should be able to enjoy not only your residential dwelling, but the surroundings of the condo as well. Living in a condominium, you are owning/sharing your lobby and other common areas with all the residents in the building. You also pay building maintenance fees for the upkeep of these areas. Finding the right condominium is a process that has to be well thought out when it comes to getting all of the amenities that you desire and right prices when looking to potentially acquire them.

Condos are most sought after properties because of the affordability, functionality for residential living and amenities they provide homeowners. When getting ready to purchase a condo, you should make sure that the overall condo building can offer you the requirements you seek for a condo property. Since condos are an owned individual unit with shared/owned common areas, you’ll want to make sure the building is suitable to your needs and/or your family as well.

Recommended development for you

Therefore, we highly recommend Park Colonial as your first choice when it comes to purchasing your first home. It is located very conveniently beside Woodleigh MRT station for your traveling needs should you require them. They have a good mixture of unit layouts for you to choose from as well as sufficient amenities right across the street and with a shopping mall for your daily needs.

the opus

The Opus of CDL and Hong Realty

The Opus of CDL and Hong Realty

When you’re out hunting for a suitable condo for your loved ones, you’ll have to really consider the general environment of the targeted condo. Because family protection will top the rundown against anything else that you ought to be searching for. You will also have to consider the proximity to all the immediate communal facilities for your family as well.

Former Amber Park was sold to City Developments Limited and they did a great job while developing The Opus as they were thinking about the overall liveability for residents. It is a freehold tenure condo and located in the epicentre of Katong area, one of the most highly-sought after locale worth taking into consideration since you’re hunting for a perfect home sweet home.

If you’ve yet to be convinced by the excellent locale, you will have to drive down and experience the lifestyle here yourself. The Opus will be replacing the former Amber Park ever since it was sold via collective sale to CDL and Hong Realty.

The rare and attractive plot of land that The Opus at amber road will be in very close-proximity to Tanjong Katong MRT, benefiting all the residents with quick access back home if you’re not driving. Apart from that, if you are working in the central business districts such as Marina Bay Financial Centre, you will be able to reach your workplace in 10 minutes due to the great location.

Right before you make any hasty decision in selecting a home for your loved ones, you will need to ensure the convenience of having any shopping malls in the neighbourhood. It will eventually save you and your family a lot of precious time by not traveling far to purchase something as simple as a bag of toilet rolls. Right? Fortunately, the opus condo will be in the vicinity of I12 Shopping Mall, Parkway Parade as well as several other commercial malls.

One such commercial malls will be the nearest Katong Shopping Mall along Mountbatten road. It is one of the oldest commercial building within the entire katong area. You will be able to find some simple and budget eating houses, tailors, maid agencies and other niche retail services including a family KTV establishment for your weekend singing competition with your family members.

Biggest Advantage Residing in The Opus

If you are not familiar with this area, it is one of the most coveted address due to the close proximity to east coast park where the beach is. You will be able to escape from the daily harsh reality and retreat back to the sandy beaches with your partners right at your doorstep every evening.

You will have the perfect outing with your family here as and when you want with your friends or relatives. There will be hordes of families here with smiling faces on them every single day and it is often touted to be the beach of smiles here.

Besides the famous local eateries and BBQ options available here, there will also be water sports for the adventurous to engage in. If you’re keen to find out more about the opus price guide before making any decision, we’re more than pleased to update you on this down the road.

amber 45

Amber 45 Condo by UOL Group

Amber 45 at amber road, were once a plot of land occupied by Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd, a homegrown landscaping and floral business including horticulture running for more than 30 years in the local market. They will soon be making way for a brand new modern and luxury residential development.

This freehold site was owned by the developer Sin Lian Huat and it was sold to UOL Group Limited via a private treaty agreement sale back in January 2017. For the purchase price of $156 million exactly a year ago.

If you do not know where the location of this new condo is, it is located right in between The Sea View condo as well as The Shore Residences (Opposite Katong Shopping Centre). A relatively small plot of land with about seventy thousand square foot in size.

Amber 45 condo, with an existing plot ratio of 2.1 (URA MASTER PLAN 2014) will be redeveloped into a single block of ultra-modern and luxurious looking structure. Designed by award-winning ADDP architects, a top architecture firm in Singapore. It will be housing around 140 private homes in a 21-storey high building including facilities such as swimming pool, gym and a tennis court!

On top of that, developer will be incorporating a smart living environment for all the residents by integrating the latest advanced technology devices into the luxury development.

However, you will be disappointed if you’re looking to purchase a smaller one-bedroom layout in this condo for investment as there won’t be any one-bedded at all. It will launch from two-bedroom units instead as a single bedroom is no longer “in trend” in our local property market due to the perceived matchbox or mickey mouse homes that they have to live with regardless of comfort level.

The location in amber road itself is already a winner by default, a highly favoured prime district 15 in our katong vicinity. A private residential enclave within Marine Parade’s planning area. It used to be sited right beside the seaside of east coast but due to the lack of land in the 1960s, reclamation works have been done from the current east coast park to make up for the shortage.

Katong was also the preferred locale of numerous huge villas and big mansions of the extremely wealthy elites in the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. Along the beachfront of Katong Park and all the way to the extreme end of the East Coast line.

So, if you have been yearning to be a big part of this rich culture and to reside in this community, this could be your perfect opportunity as Amber 45 at amber road is already undergoing the construction phase and will be ready for move-in condition sooner than the other developments situated in the same neighbourhood.

Last but not least, UOL Group has been known to build quality homes at an affordable price tag as seen in their previous projects and they are almost all fully sold by now at the time of publishing.